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Vol.5 International Cooperation in the Training of Nurses at the Bach Mai Nursing School, Ha Noi,

Former Vice Principal, National Institute of Bach Mai Nursing School, Hanoi, Vietnam Areas of Expertise Dr.Le Ba Thuc(March.2016)


We are pleased to introduce Dr. Le Ba Thuc, Former Vice Principal, Bach Mai School of Nursing, andphysician at Bach Mai Hospital, Ha Noi, Vietnam, to the column. Bach Mai Hospital is directlyunder the purview of the Vietnam Ministry of Health. Japan offers continuous medical supportfor them through official development assistance (ODA).

Dr. Thuc has been contributing to the improvement of nursing education in Vietnam sinceseveral years. Specifically, his focus has been projects that improve nurse and nursing studentspecialties as well as international nursing education overall.

In 2012, to mark the 40th anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, MediLegato and the Vietnam National Institute of Bach Mai Hospital jointly hosted Dr. Thuc to givea speech on nursing education in Vietnam. His diligent activities have led to this project's success.
In this column, Dr. Thuc discussed nursing education exchange programs that he and Dr. Crowat San Francisco University worked on together. It is essential to focus on“cultivating human resources” and to follow them up continuously using international medicalexchanges. In addition, it is necessary for each expert in the field of care, personnel, funds,information, and equipment to collaborate using their education exchange abilities.

The PDF of this Column has been provided for 1,000 yen.
The entire earnings will be allocated to education exchanges with Vietnam.

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