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株式会社Medi Legato (メディレガート Medi Legato  Co.,Ltd)

Date of Establishment : 2011.12.19


Medi Legato is a "medical facilitator®" which seeks to bring together the skills and services of a variety of experts in the fields of medical treatment and healthcare from industry, government, and academia to contribute to the health of the population and the solving of issues in the realm of medical care through multidisciplinary coordination and collaboration.

Medical Facilitator is a registered trademark of Medi Legato Co.,Ltd.

Origin of the company name


We created this name for ourselves from our aim to tie together domestic and international medical experts with patients and their families and to create shared values between them. We focus not only on individual organizations but promote the "coexistence of contributing to society through a core business and sustainable business creation" which makes use of the strengths of each member.


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Locations 【Hanoi Office】Thang Long Technology College&Japanese School, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • ・Ministry of Health,Labor and Welfare,Smart Life Project Member


  • ・Kanagawa Pref. ME-BYO research member


代表取締役 CEO President&CEO 廣瀬 園子 Sonoko Hirose
代表取締役 President&CEO
廣瀬 園子 Sonoko Hirose (MBA, Medical Facilitator(R))
World Health Organization(WHO)PND(Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases), Internship
Occupational and Environmental Medicine School of Public Health, Seoul National University
WEB site
Public Health Graduate School of Medicine,
National Institute of Osaka University (Doctoral Course)
PIC: WHO workshop
specialized area: Global Public Health
Muitisectral collaboration and sharing the information of Prevention and early detection of Noncommunicable Diseases
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
(Public Health Program)
Tama University Institute for Healthcare and long term care solution, Visiting Researcher
Rikkyo University Graduate School of Business (MBA)Potential of Medical Business By KENSHIN System~A Case Study in Thailand~(PDF)
Meiji Gakuin University, Faculty of Law
Yokohama Futaba Senior High School

【Affiliated Academic Society】

  • Japan Society of Public Health
  • Japan Epidemiological Association
  • Japan Association for International Health
  • Japanese Circulation Society
  • Japanese Society of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
  • Japan Society for Tobacco Control
  • The Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy
  • Japanese Association of Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics
  • Business Creator Society
  • Japan Association for Diabetes Education and Care

主な講演活動、講義 Presentations and Invited Lectures


3rd Annual meeting of International Society of Clinical Medicine
"Issues on training and supporting foreign nursing human resources in Japan"

"Intern dispatch report at World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters ; issues and perspectives in career development after internship"


64th Annual conference of the Japanese Association of School Health
Theme "Students' smoking status and subjects of health education in the WHO Western Pacific Region (22 countries)"


The 12th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association of Smoking Control Science (Excellent presentation Award)
Theme : “The role of Social Marketing in Tobacco Control based on mission of WHO Tobacco Free Initiative and case study of the Australian Government”
Theme : “A consideration of smoking cessation education and information for young people based on survey of 23 areas of WHO Western Pacific Region”


The 10th Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Tobacco Control
Theme : “The actual situation of active smoking and passive smoking in WHO Southeast Asia Region from 13 to 15 years old ~ WHO Headquarters Tobacco • Free Initiative Intern Report”


Tokyo Medical Association: The 1360th early-morning study meeting
Theme : “WHO Headquarters PND Internship Report
            Multisectoral Collaboration for Tobacco Control- For 2020 Tokyo”


Rikkyo University Graduate School of Business: Open lecture
Theme : “International expansion of healthcare business in Japan in a global society”


Nikkei Biz Academy and Rikkyo University Graduate School of Business:
A joint project
“MBA Intensive2014 Medical Class” Lecturer


Tokyo Medical Association: The 1260th early-morning study meeting
Theme : “Medical-engineering collaboration of problem solving type with emerging countries in ASEAN”- Case study of a program at Bach Mai Hospital in Vietnam


Joint Graduate School of Tokyo Women's Medical University and Waseda University (TWINS)
Theme : “Medical-engineering collaboration with ASEAN and emerging countries, and possibilities of interactive educational exchanges for medical workers”


JETRO Oita: “East Kyushu Medical Valley Scheme” held by Oita and Miyazaki prefectures
Theme : “Medical Devices in Vietnam-The Current Status and Issues of dialysis


Japan Association for the Advancement of Medical Equipment. Medical Device Strategy Institute “The 9th Asian Forum on Healthcare Strategy”
Theme : “Treatments of chronic kidney disease and programs for technical assistance in Vietnam”


“National Dental University, Faculty of Dentistry, Radiology Technologist Association” General meeting and workshop
Theme : “The Current Status and Issues of medical tourism in Asia”

A number of lectures are provided to organizations and associations.

Advisory Board

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