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Medi Legato co.,ltd 医療とヘルスケアにおける多職種連携の促進と実行支援

事業内容 Business Description

  1. 日本・海外の医療機関、医療事情の現地調査・現地医療者との会議の設定・同行支援
    Planning of a medical inspection, and field research of healthcare issues in Japan and global.
    Translations are available in multiple languages. Medical column written in Japanese and English languages.
    Lecture activities.
  2. 日本・ASEAN・新興国・米国における双方向の医療交流の企画、実行支援
    Planning and practicing support of interactive medical exchanges in Japan, ASEAN, emerging countries, and the United States.
  3. 医師・看護師・医療者の国内外での教育研修とセカンドキャリア創出
    Training, development, and creation of second career opportunities in Japan and abroad for doctors, nurses, and medical workers.
  4. オープンイノベーション方式による課題解決型・医工連携
    Collaboration and problem solving in medical engineering by sharing innovative methods.
  5. 新興国向け医療サービス・低侵襲医療の情報共有と普及促進
    Promotion of medical services in emerging countries, and sharing information on invasive treatments.

Medi Legatoの役割と強み Roles and strengths of Medi Legato

  1. 医療の課題に対して、中立的な立場であること
    External Consultant for Medical Issues
    We contribute to the resolution of medical issues and the globalization of solutions to these issues through collaboration with industry, government, specialized academic institutions, healthcare providers, and interdisciplinary experts as an external and neutral consultant.
  2. 「現場・現物・現実主義」による現地調査の実施
    Implementation of field research with “field sites (genba), actual spots, and realism”
  3. 課題解決に役立つ医療技術と、サービスを利用するエンド・ユーザーとの交流の場を創ること
    Facilitating resolution of service delivery issues by creating appropriate opportunities for the interaction of medical technology and end-users.

本業による社会貢献 課題解決型・医工連携 医療者のセカンドキャリア創出

Consulting、Research、Cooperative Problem-Solving、Creating Shared Value

Open Innovation


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