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事業内容 Business Description

Consulting、Research、Cooperative Problem-Solving、Creating Shared Value

1. 課題探索 Exploring Problems。2. 課題共有 Sharing Issues。3. 課題解決に向けたコンサルティング Consultation。4. 共働促進 Facilitating Synergies。5. 共有価値創造 Creating Shared Value。


  1. オープン・イノベーション方式による、国内外の医療とヘルスケアの課題調査
    Planning of medical inspections, social projects and field research of healthcare issues in Japan and worldwide. Translations are available in multiple languages.
  2. 生活習慣病予防と早期治療の為の情報共有と医工連携、IoTを活用した子供の健康教育
    Information sharing and medical engineering collaboration for prevention and early treatment of lifestyle-related diseases. Child's health education using IoT.
  3. インバウンドとアウトバウンドにおける医療者・留学生の教育交流と就労支援
    Training, development, and creation of second career opportunities in Japan and abroad for doctors, nurses, and medical workers.

本業による社会貢献 課題解決型・医工連携 医療者のセカンドキャリア創出

Open Innovation


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