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We, Medi Legato, are actively seeking care services that help regarding disease prevention, treatment and functional recovery that contributes towards the health of all people. We also invite any problem-solving proposals from young researchers and university students, including international students, from both inside and outside of Japan, regarding the philosophy of universal health coverage (UHC) that World Health Organization (WHO) proposes.

Themes that we are seeking
  • Information sharing and innovation for the prevention and early treatment of lifestyle diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and cerebrovascular disease which are tending to increase in developing countries.
  • Health care services to connect people in remote areas and educational support that is applicable for both developing and developed countries.

※We expect proposals to include a description of the on-site (GENBA) problem, the reasons why we they need to be addressed, the expected effects and values, as well as the practical use of digital devices.

Qualification requirement Currently, researchers, post graduate students, university students, including international students, who are currently engaging in global health/community health studies or who desire to contribute to the health care field for the future are being considered, given that they are under 40 years old.
(We welcome applications from researchers, students and international students in Asia and Oceania area)
Suggested format ・A4: 10 sheets or less (Word / PDF / Power Point materials can be combined)
・Title of the proposal
・Describe the health care situation and problem in applicable region and its background based on scientific evidence. Relevant government-academia-industry people, products, information, services and required budget (rough estimate) involved in solving the problem. Also, state "Your role (to establish teams inside and outside of Japan) to successfully address the problem" and indicate the "potential gains from the project".
Language English or Japanese
Research encouragement award Based on a rigorous review held by specialists in the field, such as research institutions and entrepreneurs, we will provide USD2,000 for winning proposals as a research incentive award
We will be organising for researchers, entrepreneurs and health care organizations from both inside and outside of Japan to give advice and will support coaction between them and applicants.
Application / Inquiries 1.Application by mail)
Shiodome Building 3F, 1-2-20 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 150-0022
Medi Legato,Co.,Ltd.

2. Application by email attachment)

※Please do not forget to write the applicant's name and contact details when sending your proposal to receive your research encouragement award (if you're selected) and feedback.
The first application deadline July 31, 2020

We are looking forward to receiving applications from individuals from around the world who contribute to information sharing and collaboration beyond the conventional framework for the sake of addressing underlying issues and for the benefit of the future of medical and health care.

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